Male Vocalist of the Year

A Voice Like No Other

Doug Gabriel is a constant favorite with audiences year after year. He’ll impress you with his singing and capture your heart with his sincerity. Definitely a show you must see.

Hear him play!

Mesmerizing Music

The musical excellence that you will witness is uncanny. His fingers move so fast that even music legend Roy Clark is amazed!

Amazing Music & Entertainment

Come see the show that will have you talking for months.

The Doug Gabriel Show, is a good, clean family show with a lot of variety. It has a talented cast, rib-tickling comedy and a terrific ensemble of musicians.

Plus, Doug plays his World Famous Mufftar, a guitar made out of a 1969 Thunderbird muffler!

It is a show that will make your whole day.

We hope to see you soon!


Award winning performances, delivered by an amazing cast!


(Far Left)
Featured Singer & Dancer

Jasmine is featured several times throughout the show with her contemporary singing and dancing.

Cheryl & Doug

Featured Singer and Lead Singer

Cheryl is the show’s Master of Ceremonies. She also sings her heart out and share’s Doug’s love for audiences each day.


(Right of Doug)
Singer & Dancer

Mary is a recent addition to the family and the show. She adds harmonies and dances and is just nice to be around.


(In Front)
Comedian & Drums

Jordan brings comedy to the show. You never know what he’ll do next…look out!


(Far Right)
Lead Drummer

Josh has been featured in the show since he was five-years-old. Now he is the full-time drummer and helps Doug produce the show.